Net-A-Porter x Vogue event

Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of attending the Net-A-Porter/ Vogue panel event in Sydney city. I was up bright and early as the event started at 8:00am and was held in a stunning rooftop in Surry Hills.

The layout of the venue was an open and modern rooftop with light blue walls. There were gorgeous florals everywhere, a coffee/breakfast cart, a display of the new Net-a-Porter styles and of course the panel room which was in a small ‘hamptons’ style room with light sheer curtains.

As my friend Jess and I arrived, we were greeted with a coffee cup that we could get refilled and a variety of little breakfast snacks. I choose  the watermelon and blood orange juice, however; they also had parfaits, quiches, yogurts and avocado toast.

After Jess and I took plenty of photos at the venue, we were greeted in to the panel room where we were surprised with a VIP gift bag that included a bag full of skincare products, the November issue of the Vogue magazine and a gift card to spend at Net-A-Porter.

Edwina McCann, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, and Elizabeth von der Goltz, the buying director of Net-A-Porter hosted the panel and they discussed the fashion industry and empowering emerging designers.   The guests that were introduced on the panel were Sandra Sandor the founder of Nanushka, Vanissa Antonious, the founder of Neous and last of all Henrietta Rix and Orlagh Mccloskey who are the founders of Rixo & Rotate. This panel was inspiring for people like me who have a passion to work in the fashion industry and during this panel I learned that these emerging designers have started their careers from the bottom and they have grown their brand into what it is now, purely by hard work and motivation.

Thank you Vogue and Net-A-Porter for hosting an amazing event, it was definitely inspirational and motivational for people who want to have a career in the fashion industry and to learn about new and upcoming designers that have a strong talent for what they do.

Until next time,

Courtney xoxo

Ray of Sunshine

Outfit Details: Yellow Puffer: Sportsgirl, Jeans: Dotti, Sneakers: Superga, Sunnies: Showpo

I am so incredibly happy with the way life is going at the moment, so many exciting things to look forward to and so many things to have gratitude for for. Remember to always spread kindness and promote happiness.

Until Next Time,

Courts xoxo

MBFWA style diary 2018

Day 1

Outfit details: Top (Cooper st), Culottes (Sportsgirl), Heels (Rubi), Earrings (Colette)

Day 2


Outfit Details: Top & Jeans (Crossroads), Coat & Earrings (Sportsgirl), Heels (Kmart)

Day 3


Outfit Details: Top (Aeropostale), Culottes (Glassons), Jacket & Hat (Sportsgirl), Shoes (Superga), Clutch (Chuchka)


I can’t get over how amazing this week has been. It has honestly been an absolute dream come true that I was able to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion week as a guest this year and to think that last year I was only an intern. I got to do this incredible experience with my friend Jess and we both enjoyed every second of it.

These are the outfits above of what I wore from Monday to Wednesday, every outfit is completely different and shows all of my different styles because I can go from classy and girly one day to high street fashion to funky cool girl.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post which will be my favourite looks from the runway.


Until next time, 

Courtney xoxo

5 books every aspiring #GirlBoss should read

1- #Girlboss: Sophia Amoruso 

Sophia Amoruso is the definition of girl boss, she started from selling vintage clothes on eBay to being CEO of her multi million dollar company, Nasty Gal.

This book teaches aspiring entrepreneurs that you don’t have to go to an amazing university or come from a known family to become successful, Sophia did it all on her own by working hard. Throughout reading this book, you will follow the journey that Sophia went through and all of the mistakes she made.

She will also give you advice on everything she did to achieve her goal and how other people dreaming of starting a business can grow and be successful. If you love fashion and want to be an entrepreneur, this book is the right choice for you.

2- Leave your mark: Aliza Licht

Aliza Licht has done it all, she is a global fashion communications executive, top fashion publicist and the voice behind the DKNY PR girl on Twitter.

Throughout her book she talks about everything important in the world of fashion to achieve a dream career including resume advice, how to slay your internships and jobs interviews and how to grow your social media.

 If you are passionate about the fashion industry and want to work in public relations or social media, this book is definitely for you.

 3- Blogging your way to the front row: Yuli Ziv

Yuli Ziv is the founder of the blog, my IT things and style coalition which is her own fashion advertising network. This book will give you insight into what it is like to become a fashion blogger and insider tips on how to create a successful blog and turn it into a business.

Throughout Yuli Ziv’s book, there will be many tips and advice for bloggers with details such as names of major fashion publicists, where to find contacts for fashion week, how to have good business etiquette and how to gain relationships in the industry.

This book is inspiring, motivating and helps readers channel their inner girl boss. If you want to become a fashion blogger and grow this to be a lasting business, this book is for you.

 4- Capture your style: Aimee Song

Aimee Song is a fashion and interior blogger, she has 4.8 million followers on Instagram and has made her brand ‘song of style’, into a money making business.

Capture your style is a great book to read if you need advice and tips on how to take the perfect Instagram photo, how to take sharp and bright photos, styling tips and advice on creating the perfect flat lay.

This book will help Insta bloggers that are struggling to find their niche, and will give advice on how to create their dream Instagram feed. If you like simple, easy layout books that are aesthetically pleasing; this book is for you.

5- Talking as fast as I can: Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham is such a boss. I grew up watching Gilmore girls and it is still my absolute favourite tv show. This book contains all of the stories of Grahams life and how it led up to taking the role as Lorelai Gilmore. Throughout the book, you will learn about Lauren’s personal life, her love stories and what it is like to work as a woman in Hollywood.

You will learn by reading this book that Graham writes with such personality and humour, it also mentions how she became an author, with writing advice and her reflection of the challenges of Hollywood. Lauren is a very witty person and writes with character especially talking about funny childhood stories and things she has experienced whilst acting.

If you love Parenthood or Gilmore girls and are an aspiring actress or writer, this book is definitely right for you.





Outfit details: Sunnies (Kmart), Dress (Sportsgirl), Corset belt (Boutique), Slides Kmart)

I can’t believe how fast time is going at the moment.

I have already been at uni for a whole month which is just crazy!!

This week’s post is a little on the edgy side, but I love the vibe of this outfit. This dress is so versatile it can be styled for many occasions from casual street wear to a festival outfit. I am also really digging the round sunnies at the moment, they are so trendy and fun to wear.

The next few months are going to be so crazy and I have quite a few events coming up, so I will be keeping you posted on what’s happening as well as creating more fun content to put on the blog.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post.

Until next time,

Courts xoxo

Orana Experience


I remember the day so vividly, the day when everything in my life was going to change. I was in year 12 on an excursion to a careers fair. I wanted to go to uni, but something was leaving me uncertain, not knowing exactly what course to do, where to study and something was missing; there was no excitement or spark for my future. I have always been career focused since a young age, always having some career goal and after going to fashion week in year 11 to intern as the events team, I knew my heart belonged in the fashion world.

The teacher reminded us that the bus was going to leave in 5 minutes, I had collected all my brochures and began to walk towards the doorway when I came across Krystal and Yvonne. The two of them gave me a warm welcome and began telling me about the course at Orana and I told them that I liked events and fashion. I don’t know what made me so intrigued by this college, when 5 minutes ago I had just walked past two other fashion colleges without even stopping. We talked about my career plans and they understood me so well. After leaving the Orana stall at the careers fair, I received insight into my future, I wonder what life would be like if I didn’t stop to talk to them that day.

That evening, I went home to tell my parents all about this amazing course I had discovered and I booked the interview that night. A few months later, I began my course at Orana. I remember everything about my first day and it was the start of a very exciting future I could see for myself. The first class happened to be event management which couldn’t be a more perfect way to start off the course. Our teachers name was Nikki and she told us all about her life and her career in fashion, and I knew at that moment that I belonged here.

A year later, I look back and reflect on how amazing 2017 was and all the surreal things I got to do last year thanks to Orana. I made lifelong friends that have the same dreams and passions as I do, I got to work at amazing events such as fashion week, David Jones fashion show. I got to intern for huge companies such as Westfield and Lioness, I got to go to really cool events such as Vogues fashion night out and most of all, got to experience the life of fashion. Every time I look back at the year and then look at all the exciting things to come, I get shivers.

Last of all, without Orana I would have never started the, and this has been such a huge part of last year that I will continue to grow as it has become a part of my life and I can’t imagine what life would be like if I didn’t start my blog.


Until Next Time,

Courts xoxo

Lost in the magic







Outfit details: Denim jacket (Supre), Top (Sportsgirl), Glasses (H&M)

“It’s important to remember that we all have a little bit of magic inside us” JK Rowling 

This is a cute little shoot that my friend Jess and I worked on. The vibe we were going for was Brandon Woelfel inspired as well as a hint of Tumblr. This is one of my favourite shoots because it is so whimsical and magical. Shoutout to my talented photographer @mollyandgizmo for creating such an amazing piece of magic.


Until next time,

Courts xoxo


Flower Child








Outfit details: top (Ally), Pants (Sportsgirl), sunnies (Naya’s closet), heels (Rubi)

It’s been a hot minute since I have posted a fashion lookbook post, I have been so busy lately with all the travelling I have been doing but I am happy to be home as I have so many events happening soon and heaps of content to share with you. This week is 70’s inspired and I had so much fun doing this shoot. I am also super excited to be starting university this week, so I am planning on posting university outfit ideas very soon, stay tuned.

Until next time,

Courts xoxo

Cha Cha Matcha- NYC


On the last day of my dream trip to NYC, my friends and I stumbled across this gorgeous matcha tea place. I loved everything about Cha Cha Matcha, including the amazing matcha lattes and how aesthetically pleasing everything inside the store looks.

Cha Cha’s is located in Broome Street, right near Little Italy and Chinatown. It is also really close to SOHO which became one of my favorite places to shop and explore in NYC.

My friends and I ordered a matcha latte and it was absolutely delicious. Next time I come back, I will definitely be trying the matcha ice cream as that looked divine. It was not hard to take heaps of photos in this cafe, as every wall and every corner had really trendy decor, I felt like this place is how I would describe my aesthetic.

I’ve seen heaps of bloggers and influencers talk about this place and take photos, so I assumed that it must be good, and I was right.

Cha Cha’s had the best atmosphere and coolest vibe and it made me just want to come back more and more.

It was also cozy to go have a nice warm drink on a cold winters day in New York City, especially because most tea and coffee joints don’t usually have anywhere to sit, but there was plenty of seating in Cha Cha’s which made us relaxed and stayed longer in the warmth.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog post, next week is a fashion outfit post; stay tuned.

Until next time,

Courts xoxo

New York City

I was sitting in science class in grade 7, when my friends and I planned to go to New York city when we left high school. Never in a million years did I think that 7 years later, I would be on a flight and living the dream that I had always imagined. After a long 18 hour flight with a stopover in LA, we had arrived at the city that never sleeps.

We were super lucky to have been able to stay right in the heart of times square, that is where we spent most of our evenings exploring. However, during the day, we explored a bunch of different places including, Harlem, Brooklyn, downtown Manhattan such as Soho and Chelsea, and many more amazing places.

I have been to New York once before when I was 16, however, my family and I were only there for 3 days. This time, we were here for 10 days. Even with quite a bit of time, there is so much to do in the city, we were struggling to fit it all in. New York City is one of my favourite places in the world and if I could move there tomorrow, I would. There is such an amazing atmosphere in the city, every street and area has such diverse architecture and a different vibe.

It is almost impossible to be bored in a city like this, there is always something going on, you will meet some interesting characters on the sidewalk or on the subway, and always something entertaining to see. The photo below was taken in Chelsea, after walking the high line all morning, I posed in front of a traditional downtown apartment as I loved the style of the houses in this street. It was also fashion week, so I decided to wear my stylish coat from Sportsgirl.

My favourite memory of the trip was definitely top of the rock, which was an incredible experience (picture below), being able to take photos and see the empire state building at sunset. I also loved the Brooklyn bridge, that was a really nice walk and had a stunning view of the city. Sylvia’s was also a highlight which was a gospel soul restaurant with live singers in Harlem and was just really fun.

This was the trip of a lifetime that I was able to do with my best friends and I am so blessed to be able to have done this experience with them, with less than 1 week until Uni starts, I couldn’t think of a better way to end my holiday’s. I have posted a vlog and travel diary video all about my travels which is up on my youtube channel now!!


Thank you for reading, next blog post is all about my experience at Cha Cha Matcha in NYC.

Until next time,

Courts xoxo