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Workout routine


Outfit: Sunnies (cotton on), shoes (Adidas), vest (PE nation), Leggings (PE nation) thermal top (Kmart) 




Whenever I go to the gym this is what routine I like to try to stick to,

(3o mins treadmill- half walking half running)

I would go on the treadmill to warm up and get in some cardio as it starts off my exercise well.

From there I either do the bike or cross trainer for 10 minutes to work on legs.

I am usually not bothered but when I am in the mood I will spend 15 minutes doing a range of ab workouts from sit ups, planks, leg raises and squats.

If I don’t do ab workouts then I use weights and the rowing machine for around 10 minutes just to cool myself down.

This is part 2 of my PE nation post, I hope you enjoyed this mini series 

Until next time,

Courtney xoxo

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