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My 5 Wardrobe Essentials

 1) Sunglasses

What is the Wray Of Life without her sunnies?

Most of my blog shoots have involved me wearing one of these sunglasses as it just makes the outfit and gives it that finished touch. My collection of sunnies is only getting bigger and these aren’t even all of them. Most of my sunnies are either from Cotton on or Quay. If you want to buy a good pair but don’t want to spend the money, you would be surprised that Glebe markets sell high-end clothes for such a good price. The white sunnies on the left are Quay and they were from Glebe markets. As for Cotton on, they usually sell 2 pairs of sunnies for $25 which is a great deal and there is such a variety to choose from.

2) Statement Earrings

My second wardrobe essential is statement earrings and they have become my holy grail this year, especially as they can be used for any occasion from work to dinner and drinks. Most of my earrings are from Sportsgirl as they have so many to choose from and are so cute. I also love Lovisa, they have the really nice earrings for an affordable price and I usually buy my classier night out earrings from there.

 This is my little collection that I am trying to grow, I lost the other hoop earrings on the right but I feel like you can never go wrong with basic hoops.  The bottom row is all from different places including Lovisa and Kmart. If you are wearing a black or white dress and you feel like you need that extra touch, oversized earrings just give the outfit that pop of colour.


3) Leather Jacket

I can’t leave the door without wearing my leather jacket. If I have an event or I am going out for dinner, you will always see me wearing my leather jacket. Not only does it look classy, but it can be styled with absolutely everything because it is black. I love how versatile leather jackets are and even though they aren’t the cheapest clothing item, it is one of the best things you will ever spend your money on and will be so worth it. I have worn mine to death since making a purchase. I got my Biker Jacket from Sportsgirl and has made an appearance in a number of my Instagram posts.

The image above is when I was at Megan Hess’s book launch. When I go out, I will usually wear black pants and then a colourful top. I suggest next time you go shopping, think twice about getting a bunch of clothes that you don’t need and already have so much of and go find some staple pieces. It will save a lot of money as these jackets never go out of style and will last a long time in your wardrobe.

4) Winter Coat


All though Winter when it was super cold in Sydney, I lived in my oversized coat. Not only is it really trendy, but it can be styled with anything and I would usually keep it simple with basic black jeans and boots. You can never go wrong with a coat in your wardrobe and it’s always great to wear when you are rushing out the door and have no new clothes to wear, so you can throw this on to look stylish. You can buy coats anywhere and it’s up to you how much you spend and how much you will wear it. My coat was from Sportsgirl and it was on half price sale so I spend only $50. The above photo is me taking a selfie when I was interning for Lioness. If you are working or interning in fashion and you are worried about what to wear on your first day or week, you can never go wrong with a coat. I was so nervous on my first day of interning because I didn’t want to look underdressed and have a Devil Wears Prada moment, so I wore almost the exact same outfit in the picture, but with long boots instead. All you need is 2 or so coats in your wardrobe and you can wear them over and over with different types of pants and shoes to mix and match.

5) Black Jeans

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t own a black pair of jeans. They are really slimming and are flattering to wear, and they can be worn with any colour,  design or pattern. It doesn’t clash with anything and can be worn year round. I love how you can wear black jeans to any occasion whether it’s shopping with your friends and just throwing on a graphic tee with the jeans or styling it with a nice top and heels for a night out. Black jeans/ pants are also really affordable and can be bought everywhere, I usually wear high waisted because they are the nicest fit for me and are the most comfortable. I buy most of my black jeans from Kmart or Crossroads.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks post, thanks so much for reading.


Until next time, 

Courts xoxo









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