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I remember the day so vividly, the day when everything in my life was going to change. I was in year 12 on an excursion to a careers fair. I wanted to go to uni, but something was leaving me uncertain, not knowing exactly what course to do, where to study and something was missing; there was no excitement or spark for my future. I have always been career focused since a young age, always having some career goal and after going to fashion week in year 11 to intern as the events team, I knew my heart belonged in the fashion world.

The teacher reminded us that the bus was going to leave in 5 minutes, I had collected all my brochures and began to walk towards the doorway when I came across Krystal and Yvonne. The two of them gave me a warm welcome and began telling me about the course at Orana and I told them that I liked events and fashion. I don’t know what made me so intrigued by this college, when 5 minutes ago I had just walked past two other fashion colleges without even stopping. We talked about my career plans and they understood me so well. After leaving the Orana stall at the careers fair, I received insight into my future, I wonder what life would be like if I didn’t stop to talk to them that day.

That evening, I went home to tell my parents all about this amazing course I had discovered and I booked the interview that night. A few months later, I began my course at Orana. I remember everything about my first day and it was the start of a very exciting future I could see for myself. The first class happened to be event management which couldn’t be a more perfect way to start off the course. Our teachers name was Nikki and she told us all about her life and her career in fashion, and I knew at that moment that I belonged here.

A year later, I look back and reflect on how amazing 2017 was and all the surreal things I got to do last year thanks to Orana. I made lifelong friends that have the same dreams and passions as I do, I got to work at amazing events such as fashion week, David Jones fashion show. I got to intern for huge companies such as Westfield and Lioness, I got to go to really cool events such as Vogues fashion night out and most of all, got to experience the life of fashion. Every time I look back at the year and then look at all the exciting things to come, I get shivers.

Last of all, without Orana I would have never started the, and this has been such a huge part of last year that I will continue to grow as it has become a part of my life and I can’t imagine what life would be like if I didn’t start my blog.


Until Next Time,

Courts xoxo

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