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5 books every aspiring #GirlBoss should read

1- #Girlboss: Sophia Amoruso 

Sophia Amoruso is the definition of girl boss, she started from selling vintage clothes on eBay to being CEO of her multi million dollar company, Nasty Gal.

This book teaches aspiring entrepreneurs that you don’t have to go to an amazing university or come from a known family to become successful, Sophia did it all on her own by working hard. Throughout reading this book, you will follow the journey that Sophia went through and all of the mistakes she made.

She will also give you advice on everything she did to achieve her goal and how other people dreaming of starting a business can grow and be successful. If you love fashion and want to be an entrepreneur, this book is the right choice for you.

2- Leave your mark: Aliza Licht

Aliza Licht has done it all, she is a global fashion communications executive, top fashion publicist and the voice behind the DKNY PR girl on Twitter.

Throughout her book she talks about everything important in the world of fashion to achieve a dream career including resume advice, how to slay your internships and jobs interviews and how to grow your social media.

 If you are passionate about the fashion industry and want to work in public relations or social media, this book is definitely for you.

 3- Blogging your way to the front row: Yuli Ziv

Yuli Ziv is the founder of the blog, my IT things and style coalition which is her own fashion advertising network. This book will give you insight into what it is like to become a fashion blogger and insider tips on how to create a successful blog and turn it into a business.

Throughout Yuli Ziv’s book, there will be many tips and advice for bloggers with details such as names of major fashion publicists, where to find contacts for fashion week, how to have good business etiquette and how to gain relationships in the industry.

This book is inspiring, motivating and helps readers channel their inner girl boss. If you want to become a fashion blogger and grow this to be a lasting business, this book is for you.

 4- Capture your style: Aimee Song

Aimee Song is a fashion and interior blogger, she has 4.8 million followers on Instagram and has made her brand ‘song of style’, into a money making business.

Capture your style is a great book to read if you need advice and tips on how to take the perfect Instagram photo, how to take sharp and bright photos, styling tips and advice on creating the perfect flat lay.

This book will help Insta bloggers that are struggling to find their niche, and will give advice on how to create their dream Instagram feed. If you like simple, easy layout books that are aesthetically pleasing; this book is for you.

5- Talking as fast as I can: Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham is such a boss. I grew up watching Gilmore girls and it is still my absolute favourite tv show. This book contains all of the stories of Grahams life and how it led up to taking the role as Lorelai Gilmore. Throughout the book, you will learn about Lauren’s personal life, her love stories and what it is like to work as a woman in Hollywood.

You will learn by reading this book that Graham writes with such personality and humour, it also mentions how she became an author, with writing advice and her reflection of the challenges of Hollywood. Lauren is a very witty person and writes with character especially talking about funny childhood stories and things she has experienced whilst acting.

If you love Parenthood or Gilmore girls and are an aspiring actress or writer, this book is definitely right for you.




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